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Maximize Your Disruption Strategy

Disruption is approaching fast!

In this free Needs Discover Executive Strategy Session, Business-Accelerated professionals help you redefine your strategy and ensure you are disruption-proofing external threats overtaking your business so that you are obsolete by year's end.

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You won’t want to miss this opportunity to get professional insight analysis about disruption in your industry. After your executive session get our free e-book to help you stay on track :

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What You’ll Learn

We'll dive into your business efforts to stay ahead of your market. We help you create a comprehensive quick-start plan to help you discover your gaps with your employees, your customers and your data.

Decipher Your Data Messages

Find out what’s working—and what’s not—by learning how to analyze your data in your business segments.

Create Your Communication Strategy 

Get clear on your messaging with employees and customers. Connect for the overall health of your business.

Embrace Your Human Element

Follow our step-by-step plan that embraces what people want and expect from your company.

Explore our Latest Techniques

Stay current on the analog and digital strategies that will separate your business from your direct competition. You will stay two steps ahead of disruptors.

A Bit About Us

Business-Accelerated® Company was founded in 2005 by Ellen J. Harris a former technology executive. After years creating multi-million dollar technical projects for major corporations, Harris founded Business-Accelerated to help smaller companies leverage innovative techniques to serve people ready to expand the growth of their business. 

Business-Accelerated® Company combines the expertise of Fortune 50 expensive technologies, with the personalized touch of a boutique firm. We’re passionate about helping companies see beyond technology results with less stress and confusion. We firmly believe their success is our success. 


I learned more about disruption in this one-hour session than I knew in the last year! Business-Accelerated helped me gain clarity about my business and industry in a unique way.

The e-book is a gem!

– Pat Haynes, Conflict Resolution Specialist

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